Stewart-Haas Racing

In 2011, our first year with Stewart-Haas Racing, our innovative lubrication system improved their performances immediately. Testing and analysis showed that reductions in friction were putting more power to the rear wheels. This efficiency gain helped Tony Stewart to his third championship We continue to look for the smallest advantage, helping the car achieve its full potential.

Engine capacity Chevrolet R07 V8
358 cubic inches

Max Horse Power: Max Horse Power: Approximately 850 hp @ 9,000 rpm
Max Torque: 550 ft-lbs @7,500rpm

Race Car: The 2016 Mobil 1 Chevrolet SS

Mobil 1™ is integral to NASCAR® – we’ve been the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR® since 2000. More than half of all NASCAR teams use our products to achieve the best in performance and reliability. We’re also a primary sponsor of Stewart-Haas Racing and have been since 2011, when Tony Stewart won his third NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series Championship. We realize no two NASCAR® tracks are alike, so we’re constantly adapting our product to provide the winning advantage and suit the environment. We’re just as at home on the high banking at Bristol as we are on the fast straights of Talladega.


Matt Borland Vice President of Technology

The Race Team

NASCAR racing provides the ideal environment for Mobil 1 engineers to develop and assess advanced lubricants that lead to products that can help optimise your vehicle’s performance and keep it running like new.


Matt Borland Vice President of Technology

Mobil 1 products do a very good job of keeping friction at an absolute minimum, so that we keep as much horsepower as possible and keep our temperatures down.

Borland has a reputation as one of the hardest working people in NASCAR®. In May 2007, Borland moved to Haas CNC Racing (now Stewart-Haas Racing) to lead the team as its Director of Competition. When Tony Stewart became part-owner of the team in 2009, Borland changed roles to become Technical Director. His lengthy tenure at Stewart-Haas has seen him promoted to Vice President of Competition and his current role of Vice President of Technology, overseeing all of the team’s technical initiatives and various research and development projects. Borland is passionate about maintaining Stewart-Haas Racing's status as a top-tier performer in the elite NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series.

Tony Stewart Birth: May 20, 1971
Joined team: 2009

Kevin Harvick Birth: December 8, 1975
Joined team: 2014

The Drivers: Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick

In NASCAR®, efficiency is key. Mobil 1 products help more than half of all NASCAR® teams cut down friction in their engines and reduce wasted power. That means fewer pit stops and less engine wear – and over an 800 kilometre-long race (500 mile), it all adds up to huge fuel efficiency gains and real lap-time performance. These benefits were instrumental over the last 36 laps of the 2011 season. Mobil 1 motor oil helped Tony Stewart secure his third NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series championship and we continue to strive to find new and better ways to enhance the cars' performances.


Tony Stewart

We were battling for the lead and we got in a scenario where our drive line was so efficient that we could make it on one more stop where the other teams had to pit twice to make it to the end. That was one of the biggest cases where we saw how strong Mobil 1 was.

Tony Stewart burst onto the NASCAR® scene in 1999 with more experience in the big leagues of motorsports than most other rookies. Posting three wins in his rookie season, Stewart then laughed off the 'sophomore slump' jinx with six more wins in 2000. In 2009, he started a new chapter in his racing career, leaving his previous team to become an owner/driver of Stewart-Haas Racing. He now finds himself in an elite group of drivers winning his third career NASCAR® championship and winning an unprecedented five of the 10 races in the Chase for the NASCAR® Sprint Cup. Tony is the only driver to win the NASCAR® championship under three different sponsorship titles - Winston in 2002, Nextel in 2005 and Sprint in 2011. He is also the only driver in history to win a championship in both IndyCar and NASCAR®.

Date of birth - May 20, 1971
Titles – 2002, 2005, 2011 (NASCAR® championships)

Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick

Any advantage you can get in qualifying is definitely going to be a benefit. I feel like we have an advantage with Mobil 1 lubricant technology.

With his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series career victories stacking well into double figures, including wins in the prestigious Daytona 500, Coca-Cola 600, Southern 500 and the Brickyard 400, Kevin Harvick is a thoroughbred NASCAR driver. Earning his first Sprint Cup Series Championship in 2014 and a second-place finish in 2015, Kevin adds podium-topping talent and experience to the Stewart-Haas Racing team.

Date of birth – December 8, 1975
Titles – 2014 (Sprint Cup Series Championship)